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We offer a permanent, cost-effective, no-dig solution for water leaks blockages.

Our pipe relining service can repair damaged sewer or stormwater lines, without the need for excavation or replacement. 

Modern, fuss-free pipe repair for your Sydney property

The traditional method of pipe repair can be a disruptive affair. Extensive digging is done to extract the drain and replace it with a new one. The excavation process is not only noisy and messy, but also sometimes very expensive.The house or building had to be without drainage till the new drain had been installed, causing inconvenience to the residents.

Nowadays, there is no need to dig even when the faulty pipe is in a hard-to-access area. Pipe relining is the new method which allows us to reach and repair multiple bends and joints within the pipe, right from the surface.

Through the latest repair technique, our pipe relining experts in Sydney create a tougher new pipe within the old one. The only digging is a small 1-metre access point. No landscape, driveways or yards have to be ruined, and hence no costly restoration work is needed.

The significantly less mess, costs and disruption is what makes pipe relining a superior, cost-effective and efficient method to repair broken drains.

Our pipe relining solutions can:

Save Money

The process needs minimum excavation, less manpower and fewer tools. So it is not as costly as pipe replacement in which you pay thousands for digging up the land and restoring it back. 

Avoid mess

The less intrusive relining will let your beautiful garden and landscape stay untouched, while also keeping floors, walls, pavements and roads intact. 

Minimal disruption to routine

Your pipe will be relined, and the drainage system restored within a day which translates to less downtime for businesses and shorter inconvenience for residents. 

Provide a long-term solution

Cracks and leaks are perfectly sealed with the Epoxy liner, which prevents further damage and blockages from occurring.You will be saved from the headache of constant stormwater and sewer repairs in the future. 

Relining makes your pipe

The process of pipe relining for Sydney properties

Previously, pipe repair could only be done through a long procedure which took weeks to finish. 

Trenches were dug up to excavate and replace the drain line. After repairs were completed, the dug up trenches had to be refilled and the landscape/ structure had to be returned to their original condition.

With our professional pipe relining services in Sydney, you can avoid this time – consuming and highly intrusive exercise.

We can make your drain functional in a day, with our quick and mess-free process:

Effective Pipe Relining Solutions

Our Epoxy resins can seal effectively against all the following types of pipes:

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